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History, tradition and today

Pienzenau Castle was first mentioned in a document in 1394. The Benedictine monks of the Bavarian monastery of Ettal used the property as a place for contemplation and relaxation until the 18th century.



Under Emperor Franz Josef around the middle of the 19th century the church's possessions moved in - the estate Pienzenau was for sale. In 1849 Josef von Trauttmannsdorff-Weinsberg acquired it, and after his death in 1869 the imperial knight Moritz von Leon inherited the estate (together with Trauttmansdorff Castle). Moritz von Leon began to rebuild the manor like a castle and sold it in 1884 to Eugen von Popoff - a renowned fruit-growing pioneer. These were times of upheaval on Pienzenau, the buildings were fitted with battlements and the interior was renewed - a coming and going of blue-blooded visitors and guests, especially during the Sissi period from 1870 to 1900, was to be noted. Four times the empress chose the nearby Trauttmansdorff Castle as her holiday home - the surrounding castles Rametz, Rubein and Pienzenau were chosen for her court, including horses and carriages.



At the end of the 19th century, the local press described the estate as a former farm, villa, residence, palace or castle Pienzenau, from 1889 the name palace prevailed.



Changing owners followed, such as Paul Kuh-Chrobak, who had artists such as Richard Strauss as guests here, until the Schölzhorn family purchased the property in 1969 and renovated it from the ground up. The rooms and open spaces in the park are now used by the Schloss Pienzenau catering business as a castle hostel with a public restaurant (Bistro Pienzenau) and are used for parties, weddings and other events.




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The hosts

The Schölzhorn family is active at Castle Pienzenau and at the Alte Mühle bookshop in the city centre of Meran.

The culturally committed and sociable hosts share common passions and complement each other through their individual experiences. Especially languages, literature, culinary arts, music, painting, architecture and design are popular areas of interest.

Since Pienzenau Castle has been acquired, restored and made habitable by the Schölzhorns, they maintain the structure and develop their family business further to preserve the magnificent charm of the property and offer their guests a special experience. 


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Family photo - Castle Pienzenau 1994

old garden - new delight

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