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Castel Pienzenau

An estate of timeless beauty 

Pienzenau dates back to the 13th century when Benedictine monks from the monastery Ettal in Bavaria came to live here. The monks as we today appreciated and enjoyed the quietness and beauty of the area. 
Today, the castle is the private property of the family Schölzhorn. The family bought the abandoned estate in the last century and has over the course of three generations renovated the entire property to bring it back to live.


The main house is nestled in 4 hectares of ancient forests and vines. The cooling lush of the gardens with its cedars, pines and giant sequoias trees offer a relaxing oasis for all our guests. From all windows of the castle the picturesque surroundings with the nearby mountain ranges, vineries and typical Mediterranean vegetation can be enjoyed.

Schloss_Castel_Pienzenau_MeranPICT2547 K
Weiße Blumen

old garden - new delight

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