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Merano & Surroundings

The spa town of Merano and its sights

Castle Pienzenau lies on the Sissi trail stretching from down town Merano to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. The trail passes through cultural landscapes, past many of Merano’s most splendid mansions and magnificent buildings, including through the parks of Castle Pienzenau.


Merano has a very efficient and affordable public transport network. Just a few minutes’ walk from the castle the bus number 4 stops and drives down via the Thermal Spa to the main train station.


Many visitors come to enjoy the Thermal Spa of Merano as well as the magnificent mountain ranges and river promenades. Moreover, the town of Merano offers in its quaint medieval centre everything else you desire: shops, libraries, boutiques, coffee houses and a good Friday market.


Image rights: IDM South Tyrol - Section West - Frieder Blickle, Alex Filz and Manuela Prossliner


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